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Our designers take full advantage of the technological potential of 3D printing, without the constraints of conventional manufacturing methods. From concept to production, the 3DMan team will help you unlock the full potential of your idea using today’s most advanced additive manufacturing design technology.

Professional 3D Design Services


Tell us what you need, and why…


As this is a CAD specific project, we will move straight into the CAD modeling process once the design brief is agreed.


We will present regular review documents so you are fully informed and can provide feedback as required.


Our output may be 3D CAD data, or we can supply physical prototypes. The choice is yours!

A critical part of any full product development project, 3D CAD data is the driving force behind rapid prototyping, design simulation, and today’s fast track manufacturing techniques.

3D CAD Design Services

Turning your idea into virtual reality

With an exceptional ability to integrate a client’s concept into a 3D CAD design, we’ll also present meaningful and substantial innovative support from the prototyping and testing stages, right through to the final product itself.

That’s why our CAD models are built so that if any elements of the product changes during the subsequent steps, they can be easily revised with little effort. Designing for manufacturing efficiencies will ensure the project doesn’t take longer than it needs to, saving you not only time, but also removing any excess expenditures.

How 3D Printing is a good solution for patients who need specific devices?

Since additive manufacturing can produce on low volumes, patient-specific and costume designs are cost effective. Patients can now enjoy having their unique medical device that is designed for them, for their specific needs and for their unique anatomy. Thanks to 3D Scanning and other body scan methods, we can make prosthetics that is easy to use and functional.

Development process of making medical devices is also shortened. You can achieve at least 50% less time spent on your development. This will lead to less costs and faster ROI.

3D Printing Services
We have been immersed in the 3D printing and rapid prototyping industry from the moment we opened our doors and are continually developing our expertise as we constantly expand to adopt new technologies.


When you do business with 3DMan, you can rest easy knowing there are virtually no limitations in what we can do with 3D printing technology. Just tell us what you are looking to accomplish and we can guide you on the best approach to get the job done.

We have the skills and technology needed to help you design files to meet your needs. Then, we can 3D print the designs for you and ship the finished products to you. 

We support the whole development process, from idea right through to manufactured product.

How we work

Step 1

Get in touch with 3DMan and explain your requirements. We usually sign a Non Disclosure Agreement at this time.

Step 3

We work very hard to deliver work that exceeds your expectations and delivers value to your business.

Step 2

We’ll understand your requirements, write up a proposal which outlines the design process, costs and timeframes needed.

Step 4

Any Intellectual Property generated by 3DMan is owned by you.

Technologies and softwares we use