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About 3DMan

3D Printing is becoming
more and more real in our lives.

In 3DMan Studios, we have gathered years of adventures in our animation background mixed with design and manufacturing. Not only we can make thing perfectly, but also, we design them with passion and sense of artistic spirit to make anything you imagine a reality!

Design and creativity of our workflow

As we mentioned above, our journey started in Animation industry. When we create things, whether in our minds or on paper, we do that by pure passion and creativity; to create things that weren’t supposed to imagine before. So, a state of the art is born and we were pleased to catch eyes on them!

Years passed and we saw we can get our imaginations into real world, in 3 Dimensions! When 3D Printing came along, our drawings and designs could step in our lives and in our hands. It’s a total fortune that we can create thing with zero limitations. 3D printing services is now become a reality in our Studio!

Design optimization for Additive Manufacturing

You can find both art and engineering in our office. Our team is made up of professional artists and engineers who have mixed attitude at looking things. You won’t be worry about scientific properties of your part and projects. You also rely on us for your concept models since we have an artful point of view. So, Art and Science merge together in 3DMan. It’s all about co-existing of dream and reality!

3DMan is happily welcoming you to grab a coffee and start making.