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If you have reverse engineering and inspection projects on the go, let us help. Our team of experts will use the latest in portable 3D scanning technology to get the job done within budget and timeline.

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Get Started with 3D Scanning Services

Reverse Engineering


With reverse engineering services from 3DMan, you can digitize almost anything into workable 3D CAD data. By digitizing your products and parts you can modernize your manufacturing and product development processes and eliminate the need for physical inventory.

What is your 3D Scanning Fee/Rate?
We do not have a set fee. Our price is based Per Project. Some objects are more difficult to 3D Scan than others and some objects may need to special preparation for 3D Scanning. We need to see what we are 3D Scanning in order to give a price. The best way, would be to submit images of the object(s), via our Submission Form, email and/or a phone call to discuss.
How long will it take to 3D Scan my object?
Once we have received images of object(s) being 3D Scanned, we will be able to give a range that it may take to 3D Scan object(s).
Can you modify a 3D Scan?
Absolutely! 3D Scanning in most cases is the starting point for reverse engineering objects. We would of course, need to meet and discuss details. Submitting images and rough sketches is always a great start.
Can you 3D Scan my car?
We sure can. Most car scans will be done onsite.